Pixar SparkShorts

Pixar SparkShorts


A dad discovers his son can float, which makes him very different from all the other children. He decides to hide his son, and puts rocks in his backpack to keep him on the ground. When it becomes known to the public that his son can float, the dad must decide whether to keep hiding it, or accept his son for who he is.


Ellis and his grandmother are trapped in a large mysterious hole full of disused items and debris, and live on a diet of potatoes. Wind tells the story of their attempts to build a rocket so that they can escape their dark home.

Smash and Grab

Smash and Grab are two over worked robots toiling away all day in the engine room of a huge train. One day Smash gets a glimpse of the outside world and the two robots hatch a plan to break out and explore the world together.


Kitbull is the story of an unlikely friendship between a kitten who lives in the rubbish bins, and an unloved pitt bull.